When is Las Vegas Going Recreational?

When is Las Vegas Going Recreational?

When is Las Vegas Going Recreational? Thanks to the beautiful people of Nevada supporting the recreational marijuana legislation, Nevada residents and visitors will soon be able to purchase marijuana for no other purpose than getting stoned. Like many states have by now, Nevada has adopted a medical marijuana system that allows Nevada residents to pick up a special card that gives them access to cannabis, with some shops even honoring medical cards from other legal states.

But what about the recreational side? Voters decided to allow the sale of retail marijuana in the 2016 elections, but when does that actually go into effect? The answer isn’t exactly simple, but there are a few dates to keep your eye on and a few laws and systems that you should be aware of before you plan your trip to Sin City. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about when Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada is officially selling recreational marijuana.

The Deadline for Nevada Recreational Marijuana

Although the vote has passed and everything is in motion to get recreational marijuana sold in Nevada, there are currently no dispensaries open on their recreational side. The state has a timeline that they are working on to get retail marijuana up and running by the month of July. This would put the launch of recreational cannabis in Nevada about six months ahead of the deadline agreed upon by voters and legislators.

But there’s a chance we’ll see the change happen just a little quicker than that.

Recreational Marijuana Ahead of Schedule In Nevada?

Thanks to the diligent work of a certain Nevada State Senator, the timeline for recreational marijuana could be pushed up by a couple of weeks. We could see retail bud circulating Las Vegas by the middle of June. If there’s one thing the city of Las Vegas loves, it’s making money, and marijuana is a big money game these days. I’m sure there are people ready to get selling yesterday.

What You Will Be Able to Buy

If you’ve been to Colorado, Washington, or any of the other recreationally legal states, you’ll have a good idea of what a Nevada cannabis dispensary will have to offer. You’ll have a wide selection of flower to choose from, including strains that will be entirely new to the Nevada area. You’re going to see the various forms of concentrates (shatter, wax, live resin, etc.) to dab, and you’ll have edibles to choose from as well.

Unlike other states such as Colorado that have a sales tax reaching over 20% on their recreational weed products, or Washington that can get as high as a 40% tax rate, Nevada’s sales tax will be right around 10% with another 5% going towards the local government in which you are making the purchase. Prices on products won’t be known until shops start opening up on the recreational side, so you’ll have to do some shopping around to get a feel for the weed market in the area. For reference, eighths of flower on the medical side are typically ranging from $35 to $60 in the Las Vegas area. This could make for even higher prices for recreational shoppers.

No Weed on the Vegas Strip?!

Zoning restrictions make it very difficult for marijuana dispensaries to make it onto The Strip, the infamous Las Vegas stretch of road that plays host to some of the world’s best known casinos. Nevada state officials have very plainly that “you can’t have both” when it comes to gaming and marijuana licenses. Much of this is because those gaming licenses are tied to the federal government, and the marijuana laws haven’t (yet) changed at that level.

From a consumer perspective, it’s not ideal. But the recreational cannabis system is only just taking shape, so who knows what might change in the future. Make sure you’re keeping up with the changes before you make the trip to Nevada.

Where Can I Use The Marijuana I Buy in Las Vegas?

You may only consume marijuana in a private residence inside the state of Nevada. The law is comparable to Colorado’s in that respect. This puts visitors in an interesting position, as they can buy a bunch of weed, but may not have anywhere to legally smoke it as the hotels and casinos of the state have banned the substance from being used in their facilities. This law may be minimally enforced, but you are definitely rolling the dice if you light up on the sidewalks of The Strip, or anywhere else that isn’t a private residence in Nevada.