Top 5 Dispensaries Near the Vegas Strip

Top 5 Dispensaries Near the Vegas Strip

Looking to buy marijuana near the Vegas Strip? The Vegas Strip is a place where people go to let loose, and often get a little wild. The heart of Sin City has let you indulge yourself in a number of ways, so it only makes sense that you can find some of Nevada’s finest marijuana products on the Vegas Strip. With the recent passing of recreational marijuana in Nevada, you can pick up a joint or roll one of your own while you’re bouncing from one casino to the next. But there’s only a few marijuana dispensaries that were actually allowed to set up shop on The Vegas Strip itself. Check out the Top 5 Dispensaries Near the Vegas Strip.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries Near the Vegas Strip

Essence Cannabis Dispensary

The ONLY marijuana dispensary that is placed right on the Vegas Strip is Essence Cannabis Dispensary, and you’ll know why they were chosen as the Strip’s weed spot from the moment you walk in. You’ll immediately notice the high-class atmosphere, and you’ll later notice the effects of their fine marijuana.

Essence is both a medical and a recreational marijuana dispensary, so if you’re a resident of Nevada that has your medical marijuana license, you know this is a great place to pick up your medicine. If you’re someone that needs a little help getting to sleep at night, Essence has some Venom OG that is ready to get you locked into a couch. If you’re more of a dabber, they’ve got some beautiful concentrates currently available starting at $25 per ½ gram.

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Las Vegas ReLeaf

Located just a short walk off of the main drag of The Strip, ReLeaf is the relaxed weed shop that the name would imply. By putting themselves just on the outside of the beautiful chaos that is downtown Las Vegas, you can take a step outside and pick up some bud. ReLeaf is a medical and a recreational marijuana dispensary with a tiered pricing system that means you can currently get an ounce of bud for around $150.

If you’re like some of us that are so jaded by legal marijuana that you can barely be bothered to go to the dispensary, ReLeaf has you covered with their marijuana delivery service. If you get to the shop on a Wednesday and spend more than $99 you get spin a wheel that gives you a chance to win some serious savings on your marijuana purchase.

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Reef Dispensaries

Reef Dispensaries takes pride in their clean, professional aesthetic and approach to their business. You’ll immediately notice that the dispensary is quite a bit bigger than most others around the country. Located right across the street from Fashion Show, a large mall on S Las Vegas Blvd. with a nice food court, Reef is right off the Vegas Strip.

Something Reef does that you may not see at other dispensaries is an emphasis on terpene content, rather than simply breeding their plants for high THC percentages. Anyone that knows weed will tell you that there’s a lot more affecting the potency of a strain than how much THC it produces, and Reef has some of Vegas’ top growers working in the background.

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With perhaps the widest variety in flower selection of any dispensary on our list, Pisos is the spot if you want to revel in the glory of legal marijuana. Placed on the corner of E Flamingo Rd. and Maryland Parkway, Pisos is placed just a couple miles off away from the Vegas Strip. It’s more than worth the brief trip, as they’ve got a nice selection of Rove vape pens, which could come in handy when you’re out and about in Las Vegas.

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Thrive Cannabis Marketplace

If you’re hanging out on the Vegas Strip, then you’ll be within short distance of either of the two Thrive Cannabis Marketplace locations. You’ll notice that these are going to be somewhat smaller in scale, but they’ve got all the bud, hash, and edibles you’re looking for.

Thrive sells a ton of pre-roll joints, so make sure to ask your budtender what they’ve got rolled up that day. If you’re lucky  enough to catch them when they’ve got some Grape Stomper on hand, don’t hesitate to pick up an 1/8th.

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Something to note, if you’re from a state where marijuana is legal and you have your medical cannabis license, many Las Vegas dispensaries will accept your out-of-state med card. The prices are usually a little friendlier over there, and you can always shop on the recreational side as long as you have a valid ID. If you’re coming in from out of town, check the local laws to make sure you don’t get turned away at the door!