Tips to Become a Marijuana Trimmer

Tips to Become a Marijuana Trimmer

Interested in becoming a marijuana trimmer? The explosion of the marijuana industry has created thousands of jobs all over the United States, and trimming plants at a grow is a vital position in the ever-expanding job market. Since it’s been illegal for so long, experience isn’t necessary to get a job at a grow. What you have to be ready for is working diligently and perfecting your trimming process. It’s an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of a grow, and will teach you a lot about how to grow your own plants should you ever desire.

It may not be a glorious gig, but someone has got to get in there and make sure our buds are beautifully trimmed and ready for curing and selling. So if you’re curious about what being a professional marijuana trimmer might be like, here are some Tips to Become a Marijuana Trimmer.

What is a Marijuana Trimmer Job Like?

Ask anyone that has worked as a cannabis trimmer before and they’ll tell you that it can be a lot of work from a manual labor perspective. For this reason and a few others, weed trimming positions typically have a high turnover rate, as not everyone is cut out for handling weed all day. But, the fact remains that if you like playing with weed, you’ll be in heaven as a professional weed trimmer.

While you’ll be working hands-on with the bud on a daily basis, there are certainly going to be other tasks to carry out in order to properly run a grow. You’ve got a garden to take care of, so you’ll be mixing nutrients, watering plants, and doing many other small jobs to keep the plants healthy and thriving. If you’re okay with some physical work that can get a little repetitive, and you’re okay with going home covered in a sticky weed-based film layered onto your skin, then it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy the day-to-day life of a weed trimmer.

Do I Need a Certification to Become a Marijuana Trimmer?

What kind of certifications or training you’ll need in order be a weed trimmer is going to depend on the state you live, how much you’re willing to spend, and what level of access you’re looking to acquire within a grow/cannabis business. States like Nevada and Alaska have relatively easy barriers to entry into the state’s marijuana industry, while Colorado and Minnesota have a bit more involved of a process.

Make sure you check your state’s cannabis information that they will have on their government website, or, if you live in a recreationally legal state, go to a local dispensary and ask what’s needed of you to get involved on the backend of growing cannabis for a living.

How Much Does a Marijuana Trimmer Make?

There are a couple different situations you could find yourself in if you pursue a position as a weed trimmer. Most marijuana grows looking for trimmers are going to hire you at an hourly rate, as most businesses would. Depending on the hours you get, these entry-level trimming jobs are going to start out around $11 per hour.

However, there are some grows that will put you on a short-term contract where you are often being paid based on how much bud you’re able to trim in a given timeframe. These jobs will require less of you in the way of side-tasks, but the pressure is on to produce lots of trim every single day you arrive at work. If you can find a good process and put yourself in a good rhythm, these jobs can pay better than your typical hourly wage, but that requires a lot of consistency by the trimmer.

Choosing the Right Grow

A grow is just like any other business, no two places are going to be identical. Growing marijuana can require nearly round-the-clock attention even on a small scale, let alone on a commercial scale. So you’ll want to make sure that the place you’re applying has a schedule that jives with what you’re looking for. Late-night trimmers can make a little more money, but the graveyard shift isn’t for everyone.

Becoming a Marijuana Trimmer is a Great Place to Start

With turnover for marijuana trimmers being so high, it would be a good idea to have a plan in place that sets you up for promotions in the near-future. If you don’t want to be trimming forever, make sure your potential-employer knows what you’re aspiring for. The marijuana industry is exploding right now, so there’s plenty of room for one more motivated person to make waves.