Rocky Mountain Tours of Oklahoma

Rocky Mountain Tours of Oklahoma

A few weeks back I was chatting with the fellow that delivers hay for my hobby farm. He’s a nice enough guy, but is strongly against marijuana. In his infinite wisdom, he told me, “just wait, this legal weed thing is just a fad.” Not wanting to start a fight I just starkly nodded and hefted the next bale into the barn. Fad, huh? I don’t remember pogs stopping seizures or sour warheads helping cancer patients. We moved on from the topic, but it really nagged at me all evening (well that and the sore arms and wheezy hay lungs). Good thing I had marijuana as a pain reliever and an expectorant. Just how representative of the every-man was his outlook? It’s reassuring to know that the views on cannabis that many of us share in states that have legalized are actually quite universal. Under a week ago, expectations on sales were far exceeded by Nevada’s opening of legal recreational dispensaries. Other states that haven’t legalized are right on their heels. It made me think back to some amazing insight that I had received into the budding interest in places like Oklahoma City. I was fortunate to run into Allison Erskine and Thomas Graves an entrepreneur pair who are all set to start their own private bus line that runs from Oklahoma City straight to Trinidad, Colorado, all so that their travelers can experience the joy of legal marijuana. Rocky Mountain Tours of Oklahoma will be firing up the bus for their maiden voyage soon, and I wanted to ask a few questions about how Thomas and Allison got to this point and decided to start their very own cannabis tour company.

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As with any entrepreneurial endeavor, my first question was, “What inspired you to start Rocky Mountain Tours of Oklahoma?” Allison said that the original inspiration came from Thomas’ past medical history and the research that he had done into the field of medicinal marijuana. As Allison wrote, “We both know so many people of different ages affected by auto immune disorders and chronic illnesses and we know that there is undeniable proof that Medical Marijuana can help alleviate suffering.” As of 2017 Oklahoma is sadly still one of the states that doesn’t even allow medicinal marijuana sales, and it’s exceedingly difficult, on the verge of impossible to get even mundane cannabis related components such as CBD in Oklahoma City. As Allison mentioned though, there are many start-ups that are trying to get this benign cannabinoid into the hands of people who really need it to help fight cancer-related symptoms, chronic pain, and conditions like epilepsy. One such Oklahoma start-up is producing a CBD rich product called Quantum CBD Water. Since CBD harvested from industrial hemp crops isn’t considered a schedule one like the CBD extracted from cannabis (go figure since it’s the same component) even in states like Oklahoma without medicinal marijuana this amazing component can still get into the hands of those in need. Allison told me this start-up is called “Native CBD Distributing, and the owner’s name is David Hopwood. He is in the process of opening a brick and mortar store in Norman, OK and he will be featuring all kinds of CBD products in his store.” As Allison said though since Oklahoma isn’t fully grasping the benefits of medicinal marijuana, they wanted to start Rocky Mountain Tours of Oklahoma as not only a way to get to where it’s legal, but also to educate and explain how important it can be for so many people.

Next, I wanted to know why people should choose to travel with Rocky Mountain Tours of Oklahoma? Allison put it, “We feel that by taking the hassles out of travel our patrons will be able to relax and enjoy the trip with like-minded individuals in a comfortable setting. We know there will be a lot of discussion and interaction and that is what we are seeking.” Having taken multiple local cannabis tours around Colorado, I can tell you that I’ve met some of the coolest folk around on those bus rides, and I have no doubt that a trip with Rocky Mountain Tours of Oklahoma would be no different. Especially coming from a state with no legal medicinal or recreational marijuana, it would be amazing to meet up with people that have the same mindset as you and take a marijuana road trip together. It’s truly an awesome idea! As of now, the round trip will only stay in Trinidad for one night and allow all bus riders to book marijuana friendly hotels in the city while they stay, before heading back East the following day. Allison mentioned they picked Trinidad not only for its geographical location but also that “we love the community and that’s why we initially chose that destination.”

If you’re an Oklahoma resident that it looking to go on a marijuana adventure, then you’ve found your match with Rocky Mountain Tours of Oklahoma. If you haven’t visited Trinidad before either, then I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this Southern Colorado City with the charm of a small mountain town. As Allison put it, “We want our patrons to feel like they have access to all the options Trinidad has to offer, and we will go from there.” So, climb on board, relax, and get ready to learn a little bit about what cannabis can do on your bus ride with a batch of like minded individuals and enjoy your stay in Colorful Colorado!