Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana Moon Rocks

Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks, or what is sometimes called Caviar Bud, are marijuana buds that have been rolled in a high-THC oil concentrate, then rolled in keef to create a small hand grenade of dankness. It can be one hell of a stone when you smoke this stuff. There are a few questions people might when it comes to consuming this odd variation on everyone’s favorite flower.

Because of the oil and keef added to the bud, not every traditional form of smoking will work as it normally does. And since Moon Rocks are usually one of the more expensive options at the marijuana dispensary, you don’t want to go wasting these little THC bombs. We’ll break down the best ways to smoke marijuana Moon Rocks, and what methods you may want to avoid.

First, a Tip On Grinding Your Moon Rocks

In the case of Moon Rocks, you’re probably going to want to avoid using a grinder. If you think your grinder gets gunked up and hashy when you’re grinding up regular dry bud, try grinding actual hash and you’ll practically fuse the cap to the lower chamber. You’ll want to pick it apart with your fingers, which might leave you with some extra sticky fingers, but that’s not as much of an operation to clean as it is your grinder.

Now, onto the fun stuff…

Smoking Moon Rocks Out of a Pipe

If you’ve ever smoked hash, you know that it can be a bit of a sticky process. This can definitely be the case when you’re smoking Moon Rocks. The difference is that your hash is usually sitting on a bed of ground marijuana flower, allowing it to burn over the plant matter before it gets to the glass of your pipe. Your run-of-the-mill lighter isn’t going to burn hot enough to completely burn away the hash oil, so it will goop to the sides of the bowl and quickly turn into a thick layer of rez.

Smoking Moon Rocks out of a pipe is a reasonable option, but it’s definitely going to quicken the timer on when your piece needs a cleaning.

Smoking Moon Rocks Out of a Bong

When it comes to smoking moon rocks with a bong, you’ll have a similar experience to smoking them out of a glass pipe. Your Bic lighter won’t generate enough heat to get rid of all the hash, so your bowl and slider will eventually look like it’s been slimed on a Nickelodeon game show. In the case of a bong, the interior walls of the glass will start getting coated in the residual hash. But there is a reason you’d use the bong over a pipe.

What you get out of a bong that you don’t with a normal pipe is filtration. The hash oil that the Moon Rocks are rolled in can have a tendency to hit in a harsh way, often causing the smoker to cough. The water sitting in the bong will reduce that harshness by a bit, and cool down the smoke on its way to your lungs.

Smoking Moon Rocks in a Joint or Blunt

Smoking Moon Rocks out of a joint is one of the better ways to go about it. There’s no cleanup and it will burn for a little longer than normal. The second half of the joint may get clogged up, however, as the trace elements of that hash goo will start to collect on the back end of the paper, causing an extra oily roach.

Blunts seem to be the best way to smoke Moon Rocks. It may hit a little harsh, but prepare to smoke this thing with a group because it will burn for an eternity. The tobacco that the blunt wrap is made of will cover up the the sometimes less-than-desirable flavor of the Moon Rock buds. The reality of Moon Rocks is that places will often use their bottom-of-the-barrel concentrates for their production, so the taste is likely to be nasty. A flavored blunt wrap is the perfect way to cover that up.

Vaporizing Moon Rocks

Unless you specifically have a vaporizer that can handle both flower and oil form at the same time, it’s not a great idea to vaporize your Moon Rocks. Your vaporizer might have individual attachments, one for flower and one for concentrate, but using one for Moon Rocks might damage your vaporizing device. If you’re going to use a vaporizer with your Moon Rocks, do a little research into your device to make sure it’s compatible.