Becoming a Marijuana Dispensary Manager

Becoming a Marijuana Dispensary Manager

Working in the marijuana industry is an exciting prospect at this point in its finally legal beginnings. New businesses are cropping up every day as a result of this budding industry, pun absolutely intended. But how do you get ahead? How do you make that transition from budtender to becoming a marijuana dispensary manager? For the most part, the way you stand out at a cannabis dispensary isn’t all that different from any other business, but there’s more than a few things you should know before scheduling that meeting with your boss. So take a look at these tips and walk into that office with all the right moves and ready to go.

Marijuana Industry Certifications

Of course, it’s all going to depend on the state that you’re in, but many states will require a high level of certification for managers at dispensaries. Since you’ll be making more high-level choices and working more closely with the dispensary’s product before it even gets on the shelf, you may need a badge that costs more or requires more paperwork.

If you’re looking to get promoted somewhere you’re already working, these places will sometimes offer to pay for upgrading your clearance level. Whether or not you know this is the case, let them bring up the idea of paying for your upgrade. It may come off pushy if you’re just asking for them to buy you something, so try to focus more on what you can offer them before you have any expectations.

Making the Right Impressions

Since the marijuana industry quite literally has roots in the black market, it’s going to be very important that you distinguish yourself as someone trustworthy and working in a dispensary for the right reasons. Yes, you’ll get to play with weed a lot. You’ll get to handle more weed in your first two months at a dispensary than you likely did the last several years working in a kitchen, like some of us had to.

The easiest way to becoming a marijuana dispensary manager is to stay focused on your task, and to offer outstanding customer service. With much of the retail work at a weed shop consisting of organizing and counting, there are only a handful of opportunities to really show that you’re ready for more responsibility. Perhaps the best way is to simply show that you’ve mastered all of your current ones, so show your boss that you’re great at what you do now, and they might notice that you can be used in a larger capacity. You’re not there to sell weed and kill time, you’re there to work, so get working!

Putting in the Time

Your promotion to dispensary management isn’t going to happen overnight. In that regard, a marijuana dispensary is no different than any other retail establishment. Just make sure you’re giving yourself the proper time it takes to get ahead at your new job. Promotions aren’t very often earned with one or a few big actions, they’re earned by putting in the consistent, reliable work that puts a manager’s mind at ease. In many ways, that’s the best way to earn a position as a manager even in the marijuana industry: make sure your manager can rely on you and doesn’t have to worry about you when they’re not around.

Be Ready to Learn

While every state is going to have their own nuances and red tape to work through on the back end of running a marijuana dispensary, it’s crucial that you show interest in these things if your aim is to work in management. You’ll have to show your ability to look at the bigger picture, and that often means thinking proactively to prevent problems rather than reacting to them as they come along.

And while not everyone believes this to be true, try to go into your job with a “there are no stupid questions” kind of attitude. If you don’t understand something, it’s better that it gets cleared up right away rather than after you’ve mislabeled a bunch of weed strains and customers are asking why this Durban Poison is putting them to sleep.

Absolute knowledge of the store’s products provides you with confidence and establishes you as an authoritative voice in that shop, whether you actually are or not. Once you’ve proven that you can run the show and know the shop inside and out, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have that same confidence as an official manager.

Good luck, ambitious stoner! Becoming a marijuana dispensary manager comes with an increase in pay  and typically some very particular perks .